Web Professionals Five Critical Steps For Raising Fees

15 December 2012

The Online Work Network for Web Professionals (OWNWP) consists of many individuals with a variety of skills and business experience. Members are not just talking about being a web professional they are active web professionals. Recently, OWNWP member Nina East presented a talk at WordCamp Raleigh. In the session, titled How to raise your Web

Partnership Perks and the Advantage of Alliances

30 November 2012

I receive a lot of email subscriptions. The ones I enjoy the most are motivational and devotional in nature. Now, I don’t want you to think I’m going to go into a religious spiel here – I am not. What I want to share is why I read them and what they provide me. Of

Multi-Author Blog Benefits Community

24 November 2012

I recently read an article by Brian Gardner regarding the benefits of a multi-author blog. Brian’s article inspired me to write this article as it relates to our blog here on the Online Work Network for Web Professional. Developing a resourceful community website that can serve as more than just a social place to hang

Web Design Tools Discount Coupon for iThemes ToolKit

20 November 2012

Every Online Business Needs Web Design Tools When it comes to web design and development within your online business development, you normally have two options. You can put in a lot of time to learn to do it yourself, or you can spend your money and hire somebody with the expertise to do it for

Join OWNWP Slack

Join OWNWP Slack Group

1 October 2012

This is your portal to the OWNWP Slack group. The concept is to learn by participation within a chat network environment and contribute when possible. Members typically focus on WordPress web design/development or other online related freelance business growth. The group does not provide support for particular products or resources in any official capacity, but rather, they

Coming Soon!

16 September 2012

We promise there will be more soon.