Colorful OWNWP logo

Colorful New Logo for the Online Work Network for Web Professionals

16 March 2013

The Online Work Network for Web Professionals (OWNWP) Logo got a splash of color this week. The change was to brighten things up a bit and to better incorporate the red and gold colors already used throughout the site. OWNWP has also started providing site sponsored and complementary webinars hosted and presented by OWNWP paid

Security Hacks: 6 Common Hacks Found in Websites

23 February 2013

I recently attended a WordPress security hacks webinar called How Anyone Can Hack Your WordPress Site in Minutes, hosted by Dre Armeda of Sucuri. Sucuri runs over 2 million malware scans on websites each month and according to Dre, Sucuri finds that website hack attacks are mostly automated! Types of site security attacks are: Defacements, Backdoors,

OWNWP 2013 Valentine’s Day

14 February 2013

Successful Communities Pay it Forward

22 January 2013

Skills and Education It is no secret that many of the OWNWP community members are also members of  iThemes Web Design community. iThemes is a WordPress development community offering themes, plugins and training webinars. Many OWNWP members use, like and promote the iThemes products and services. Some members feel the iThemes products, support and education

Priceless Gems are More than a Precious Stone

10 January 2013

The Story of the Precious Stone Imagine this scenario from a Bob Green column… A Texas gem dealer went to a mineral show in Arizona. There, he met a man who wandered creek beds, looking for interesting stones. This man was displaying some of his finds in plastic containers. Among the smaller stones the dealer

OWNWP-2013 Brown Wallpaper

Free Wallpaper for 2013

6 January 2013

  The Online Work Network for Web Professionals (OWNWP) 2013 free wallpaper images are now available for download. This year we have 5 different wallpaper options. All of the 2013 wallpaper images use hues and shades of the blue, brown, gray, green and taupe colors that you will find on and around the OWNWP website.

Footer Link Controversy

Footer Link Controversy Continues

2 January 2013

As a web designer or developer, do you insist upon a footer link to your web site somewhere on your client’s site? For instance, do you make it part of your contract that a link to your site must be in the footer or elsewhere on their site? This was an opening question not long

Online Work Network for Web Professionals New Year 2013

Happy New Year – 2013!

1 January 2013

Adding Value and the 20 Key Characterstics to Possess

26 December 2012

Adding value to others begins by first being able to recognize, build or develop something of worth within ourselves to offer. So, how do we add value to ourselves? Evaluate and re-evaluate ourselves while being honest with what we discover. To find your own value, take notice of what, where, when and how you are

Online Work Network for Web Professionals 2012 Christmas

25 December 2012