Presidents Day Flag

Honoring US Presidents

18 February 2019

Presidents’ Day is a United States holiday celebrated (at least federally) on the third Monday of February. The celebration is popularly recognized as honoring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It is often also used as an occasion to honor the incumbent president and all persons who have served as president.

Weekly Webinar

What are Weekly Webinars?

15 February 2019

Weekly Webinars is the name of a type of live event held here on OwnWP. As the name indicates, the Weekly Webinars are held each week and area 1 hour’ish event with an educational type presentation. Registration is required to attend the free live event, however, replays and other exclusive presentation materials are restricted to OwnWP …

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2019 Valentine's Day

Come Feel the Love

14 February 2019


Network News

What is the Network News?

8 February 2019

Network News is the name of a type of live event held here on OwnWP. The Network News meetups are typically held on Mondays and are a shorter webinar – less than an hour, that provides timely industry and community information and updates. Registration is required to attend the live event, however, you may also …

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Nudge Report – January 2019

Nudge Report – January 2019

4 February 2019

January is Already in the Rear View Mirror! The first month of 2019 is gone! How did that happen? Well, regardless if you were ready for it or not, it is now all part of history. Our 2019 webinars are off and running with a lot of changes and a lot busier schedule. Holding 2 live …

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BackupBuddy Error

Solution for BackupBuddy Error .ea-php-cli.cache does not exist

17 January 2019

I spent the last few hours, OK, maybe longer, addressing a .ea-php-cli.cache does not exist issue I kept running into. Let me explain. After months of complete backups being run at my WordPress site level and regularly being sent to my off-site storage, I suddenly began receiving BackupBuddy Error email notifications. Don’t panic, what does …

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December 2018 Nudge Report

Nudge Report – December 2018

2 January 2019

Looking Back on December The end of every year is always a busy time, and this was true for our OwnWP as well. If you are a freelancer finding yourself wearing all of the hats that are required to run a successful business, then you know how your important tasks can sometimes fall through the cracks …

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Happy New Year

Our New Year Video Message

1 January 2019

Wishing you a happy new year filled with wonder and delight for the success of your business.

What is a Webinar

What is a Webinar?

28 December 2018

The term webinar comes from “Web” – as in, the internet, and “Seminar” – as in, a conference or other meeting for discussion or training. Examples of webinars are presentations, discussions, demonstrations, or even tutorials. Webinar attendees log on a special event link at a specific time to meet and connect remotely. Webinars can be a …

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Holiday Greetings!

With the Holiday Upon Us…

24 December 2018

A simple holiday message for you and your families! Enjoy the video…  


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