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Recent Posts

What is a Blog?

What is a Blog?

A Blog was originally referred to as a weblog. Over time, the word weblog became truncated and shortened to just blog. The easiest way to describe what it is is to think of it as an online journal or informational pages on the internet. A blog typically displays information in the reverse chronological order from which each post …

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December 2018

Actionable Attitudes

Did you like this post?Let us know! Surround yourself with like-minded freelancers.We invite you to join us often,possess an actionable attitude,and make an impact on other’s lives, OwnWP is the place we’ll be so…Connect, Network, and Thrive!

November Nudge Report

Nudge Report – November 2018

Our viewers are important to us and we want to make sure that we are providing you with what you want and need when you visit. We will shift direction as needed based on your feedback, but we need your input! The future of OwnWP depends on it. OwnWP End of Year Survey A Look Back …

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Web Application

What is a Web Application?

Any computer program that performs a specific function by using a browser as its client is considered a web application, also known as a web app. The computer software is typically stored on a remote server and delivered over the internet through a browser interface. Web apps can be referred to as user-server computer programs. Both the user interface and user-side logic …

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WordPress Themes for Beaver Builder

What’s the Best Theme for Beaver Builder?

With the growing rate of Page Builder popularity in the World of WordPress, you might be wondering what, if any, role do WordPress Themes fulfill? WordPress Themes in the World of Page Builders If you’re going to use a page builder like Beaver Builder to handle the design of your website, the role of the …

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Blog Topics

Recent Webinars

Embracing Social Media Trends

Embracing Social Media Trends

Social media is a fast-paced world – ever changing and ever evolving. In 2018 we saw a lot of focus on privacy, GDPR, and the collection of data in general, while at the same time we watched some social media platforms become more intimate with their users introducing stories and …

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Upgrade Your To Do Lists – Creating Productive Processes

Productive Processes

Productive Processes As a freelancer, are you finding yourself always wearing all of the hats that are required to run a successful business? Can you relate to this quote? “Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.” While many solo professionals thrive while handling multiple …

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Assumed Name Certificates Changes the Conversation

Assumed Name Certificate

This webinar will be going into some additional specifics regarding what is or isn’t to be perceived and fact in our modern world. Our original conversation started during another webinar called, “Stop Being Chattel”, whereas this webinar changes the conversation while addressing the research and discovery of assumed name certificates. Before …

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Live Agent Custom Automation Tips You’re Not Going to Want to Miss

Live Agent Custom Automation

LiveAgent is the top-rated help desk software available for freelancers and small businesses who want to be more productive and increase their professional appearance while providing stellar customer support. In this OwnWP webinar… Learn to transform your client email and social media question, problem and request communications into convenient support tickets. …

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SEO for Videos Across the Internet

Video used to be a difficult thing for freelancers to produce and market. The time, cost, and expertise of using video for marketing prohibited many freelancers from using video extensively. My, oh my, how things have changed. Now, marketing campaigns are using video throughout their entire funnel systems – from campaign engagement …

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